There’s always the homemade version

Ok, so I work in a glorious building, right by Central Park which has a phenomenol cafe. A gourmet spread for both breakfast and lunch, this cafe is healthy and fresh.

But no matter how healthy an eatery is, they also want to make everything taste better than just ‘good’. That’s where the extra sugars, sodium or even fat comes in.

I had a granola and blackberry parfait from the cafe, and also decided to try my own. The difference? The homemade one was not only heathier but also more satisfying. For one, the cafe used a fuller and more sugary granola (read bigger chunks means more syrup or oil to keep them bound together. The yogurt was thinner (compared to my fat free rich and thick greek yogurt). The granola I used too, was low fat, less concentrated with sugar and I could monitor how much to put in.

Moreover its more economical!

So if you have the time, invent your homemade versions of your favourite foods.


Whip up the healthier version…

So I was craving a burger. And honestly, at heart I’m a foodie. But my tendency to put on weight extremely quickly keeps me innovating new ways to make everything healthier.

A burger is not the conventional fatty food if you know how to make it right. I bought the Chicken Chili Lime patties from Trader Joes. They’re freezable so I just has to take one out and heat it in a saucepan with Olive Oil cooking spray (minimized oil calories as well since the pattie already has some fat).

I put it in a multigrain English muffin also from Trader Joes (yes, I love that place- its healthy, organic and cheap- perfect for a health conscious college student on a budget!), and avoiding the extra calories a burger bun may have. I added some lettuce, tomatoes, some mustard (not honey!) and hot sauce… and voila! You have a delicious burger to satisfy your craving and just around 320 calories.

People on the go- this took me 7 minutes to heat, make and everything and pack it in foil to go!

What you should expect…

So I am passionate about food. I love to eat, I eat to live. Mix it all up and I do it all, believe it all. At the same time, I am fitness conscious. So how does one strike a balance between the two? How do you be a foodie in New York City and still watch your weight? No, I’m not going to be like a diet book (well, maybe sometimes). I’m going to simple share my experiences, daily, weekly and generally on everything food has to offer to fitness.

Now, there is another intention to this blog. I am also going to share a certain thought or feeling or aspect of life I feel strongly about. I want to make this blog an insight to myself, at the same time share what I’m passionate about.

Hello world!

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