Recently, I was reminded by one of my blog readers, the importance of being consistent.

The last time I blogged was months ago and I apologize for that. Didn’t realize I actually had people who thought what I wrote was worthwhile. But from now on, I promise to blog more frequently.

Because I was reminded of such an important lesson through this experience that’s what this post is going to be about. consistency is a word that makes cooking tastier, and makes life more focussed. When you say you want a cake to have consistency, it usually means you want a perfectly tasty cake. Similarly, in life, to form good habits, a routine, or even change bad ones, consistency is the most important.

It is scientifically proven that to change any habit, change a bad one or form a good one, it takes 21 days of continuosly doing it. I have started and stopped something so many times, often I don’t even reach 2 days continuous. And that’s why I’m not able to form the habits I want. As I near having to make my own life, and as I get busier, I realize that forming a routie, a schedule and working minute to minute not only saves you so much time, but also helps you achieve a whole lot more than if we were the way we are in college- disorganized, unscheduled and all over the place.

I want my life cake to be consistent, creamy and the tastiest ever- time to make life happen for me. The clock is ticking, and the race against time is on…


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