Don’t let disappointment disappoint you!

Today something unexpected happened.

I was given a tremendous opportunity, which was taken away from me in a matter of minutes.

It wasn’t that I was unsuited for the job, there were some logistical issues. But the pinch one feels after being awarded something, then revoked burns my heart.

That got me thinking, how would I deal with the many disappointments life has in store for me. This is just the beginning.

Along with these momentary lapses, a vision for my future is slowly building. The pressure is getting more intense and I’m feeling stifled. I just wish I could postpone this process for as log as I could, but sadly time doesn’t stop for anyone.

My life is blessed no doubt about it, but the real world is glaring me in the face and no matter how strong willed and ambitious I am, my heart is beating fast.

What do I want to do? What if I’m making a mistake? Do I want to stay in the united states or go back to my home country? These ate questions that plague me everyday.

However today, I realized that when you least expect it, something can be thrown your way an turn your life around. So in that hope I believe I must just try, be persistent and leave the rest to chance.


Long time no blog…

Long time no blog guys…

I started this blog with a lot of thoughts feelings and insights but now I want to mix it up a little.

I am in senior year of college an trying to maximize my time as a college student for as long as I can.

My future is uncertain, the market is so bad to graduate in, life is hanging by a thread.

But it’s okay I’m a winner, a New Yorker and a Mumbai-ite. Nothing can stop me, can it?

Here’s to a more fun blog… A preachy one also… And new beginnings!


Livin’ it up

So recently, turning older, reaching senior year, getting great internships, having to prove myself and so on and so forth
Has been making me wonder: when did life get so serious? When did I lose sight of the fact that there is so much I want to do apart from work, career and all the conventional things expected of us.

I started looking at blogs of people for 100 things to do before you die. I know it sounds crazy but when you actually look at the freakiest things people want to do, it’s actually quite eye opening as to what can constitute a fulfilling life.

Lately I feel sort of disconnected with myself and sort of lost because I’m not clear on what exactly what I want to do with my life, but I’ve come to understand that sometimes letting things be can sort out a lot of things in life. The harder you think the less fun life can be.

Hurricane Irene just touched NYC, while I was on the other side of the country, and honestly although it didn’t do much damage, external influences are uncontrollable. So instead of stacking life up with all conventional ways to ‘get by’ I’d rather live my life to the fullest, live on the edge, take some risks instead of being high strung and boring all the time.

After also being inspired by ‘Julie and Julia’, her blogging prowess, and her inspiration to do something that keeps her going, ive realized short term goals is the way to go. Over planning leads to over thinking and cutting out the fun in life.

So live dangerously, well kind of, being slightly risky and having loads and loads of fun. After all tomorrow is uncertain- live it up! I know Im about to…


Recently, I was reminded by one of my blog readers, the importance of being consistent.

The last time I blogged was months ago and I apologize for that. Didn’t realize I actually had people who thought what I wrote was worthwhile. But from now on, I promise to blog more frequently.

Because I was reminded of such an important lesson through this experience that’s what this post is going to be about. consistency is a word that makes cooking tastier, and makes life more focussed. When you say you want a cake to have consistency, it usually means you want a perfectly tasty cake. Similarly, in life, to form good habits, a routine, or even change bad ones, consistency is the most important.

It is scientifically proven that to change any habit, change a bad one or form a good one, it takes 21 days of continuosly doing it. I have started and stopped something so many times, often I don’t even reach 2 days continuous. And that’s why I’m not able to form the habits I want. As I near having to make my own life, and as I get busier, I realize that forming a routie, a schedule and working minute to minute not only saves you so much time, but also helps you achieve a whole lot more than if we were the way we are in college- disorganized, unscheduled and all over the place.

I want my life cake to be consistent, creamy and the tastiest ever- time to make life happen for me. The clock is ticking, and the race against time is on…

Time for a happy bubble

Recently I realized, that whenever I need to vent, or find something negative about life, I blog.

First mistake.

I never blog or write about my happy thoughts, my happy place, and that’s why I’ve been out of action for so long. I’ve been in what I call my happy space. With bursts of irritation and a lot of moodiness, I have been in a constant state of satisfaction.

Life is good now. I have a great internship at a reputed company, I’m spending the summer in NYC (exciting enough?!), I am surrounded by great people (for the most part). Moreover, my family is visiting from home, and I am being treated to many meals in NYC’s many food heavens. Can life get any more comfortable?

But this post will be incomplete if I don’t grumble about atleast an aspect of my life. So, here goes…

I’m not unhappy about anything. But one thing I definitely am is confused. About people, about the direction I want my life to take, about what I expect from myself and those around me.

For starters, I have realized that some relationships that I was dearly holding on to, are not those I thought they would be. I have always dedicated myself to people, and given time to nurture relationships, but somehow I feel like I have been cheated in some ways. College is meant to be fun, exciting and a place to meet some of your best friends. I thought I had all that and more, but as time goes by I realize that sometimes things you think are over and above the pettiness of time, convenience and distance, are actually not. It is very difficult to find people who appreciate and love you no matter what, but even if you have a handful of those, I would say it is more than enough.

As for my life, I am confused as to which career path is my true calling. I want to make sure I am making the right decision. So here is what I’ve decided to do- try everything my heart desires and work toward it all- then leave it to fate. I am not a foolish believer that fate determines your future, but once you have tried all possibilities, I can let fate take its course and make a decision for me then. Over thinking didn’t help me, now I’m about to try a new route and let you all know šŸ™‚

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

Oh sometimes I just feel like I want to curl up into a ball in my bed, under the sheets and never want to face the light of the day.

Well to begin with there is barely any light in my room (I got a back window of some dingy buildings in view), so I never feel like ever waking up. And when the emotional roller coaster starts, then forget about ever getting out of my purple heaven.

If something ever happens, my first question to God is “Why ME?!”. But then I realize that if life was always perfect how would we grow as people, how would we form bonds and relationships, how would there be an understanding and how would there be progress? If something doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger. And thats something I realized only recently. Every experience makes you stronger to face something worse or similar in the future. Your head becomes clearer, it becomes more evident what we need to do in similar situations.

I have learnt that everything that upsets you, confuses you, or has any negative feeling within you, only teaches you something. About relationships, about people and about how you need to conduct yourself in each and every situation. So don’t grumble, welcome the opportunity to learn something new- even if its not in the ideal way you would have liked to learn.

A Crossroad

I am at a crossroad in my life. I am at a place where I do not know what I expect out of life, but I have slowly started to learn what I expect out of myself.

Sometimes the biggest struggle in life is to measure your own worth in your own eyes. When you don’t think highly of yourself, people sense theĀ under confidenceĀ an use this opportunity to push you around (not maliciously, its human). But knowing your own limits and setting them out to those around you can sometimes be the most important thing you will do for yourself and for your relationships.

Don’t get me wrong. Compromise, backing down- these are all forms of adjustment and it definitely isn’t wrong! But not respecting yourself enough to command respect from other people is where we tend to go wrong. Who is saying have an ego, who is saying be a hard ass? I’m simply saying realize your own self worth and delve deeper for happiness.

We always tend to go to external sources to make us happy. What we don’t realize is that the power to deal with everything is within us itself. We are our biggest support. When you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, just reflect, and you’ll realize that the strength you were trying to find in other people is there within you.

I am at a crossroad in my life. Where I am slowly realizing my own self worth and establishing this as important so that people around me sense it, and respect it. Because as my friend once told me that if you are not good to yourself, you cannot be good enough to give back to this world. If you cannot care for yourself, forget about making any impression on the world.

So true.

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